Business Automation

No matter how big or small your business may be, reducing costs and reaping extra profits would always be beneficial for your company. Using multi-faceted systems and various programs for several tasks will never provide you with the most effective solutions to your problems but only add to the level of confusion.

Reston Global aims to provide businesses with some of the most efficient and easy to use business automation software and applications, to help you in making effective decisions and analyzing the performance of both the employees and the entity itself. With our customized SharePoint solution provisions to automate workflow, petty issues like filing, distributing, organizing and analyzing becomes as easy as pie. This not only helps you maintain a paperless environment and reduce costs, but also adds reduces project durations and the need to rework.

Reston Global also provides Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to assist businesses who wish to connect with their customers. We help businesses deploy Microsoft SharePoint and understand and identify their target customers easily. Some common features of our CRM systems include processing smooth transactions, maintaining and matching Just-in-Time Inventory systems, identifying buyer purchase pattern and several other features that help you understand and serve your target market better.