Network Design & Implementation

Keeping yourselves in the loop with your stakeholders is something without which your business could not suffice in today's world. Reston Global provides your business with all the necessary equipment and system software to maintain and build healthy relationships with employees and clients.

Our team of networking experts begins with a thorough need analysis for your business operations. This process is continued by designing a well synchronized plan for meeting your needs and the equipment to be installed. Following are some of the services deployed by our valuable staff.
  • Installing and maintaining routers and internal company networks
  • Wired and unwired network implementation
  • Setting up Firewalls, for intrusion prevention
  • Installing network operating systems, and Exchange Servers
  • Installing and configuring SAN and NAS
  • Server Configuration, Maintenance and support

Our team consists of diverse experts who make sure all equipment (hardware and software) is tested and configured before hand to ensure on time delivery and our zero error policy. We also cater to the needs of our clients having special requirements other than the aforementioned, making use of 3rd party partnerships.