Email Solutions

Constant Communication and mobility have always enhanced business performance over the years. Reston Global understands the need for building relationships among your customers and workforce. We provide our clients with email solutions in order to reduce any communication gap between internal and external communication.

Hosted Exchange Email Solutions -- Businesses today have grown global with the advancing world and so does the demand for mobility and exchange of information. Our job is to get you your very own personal email addresses for every employee or any department that you desire. Your emails are hosted on a secure server and can be accessed upon anywhere using Outlook Web Access (OWA) without the restriction of storage space and time. To make it more accessible and enhance usability, these hosted emails can also be configured on user friendly email interfaces including Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express.

Pop3 Email Solutions -- Firms requiring lots of daily communication, but less of data transfer could benefit and save more with our pop3 email services. All pop3 email clients get a limited space of about 100MB which could is either deployed upon any local email application software such as Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook. However, for those requiring mobility along with economic email systems, these emails could be forwarded upon foreign email clients like Gmail and AOL.

In-house Exchange Email Solutions -- Corporations which require continuous exchange of data and a steady flow of communication on Local Area Networks have always found our in-house email solutions to their advantage. Our clients have always benefited with the use of unlimited email accounts and unimaginable data sharing over a nominal one time installation cost.